Commentator Sums Up Mayweather vs McGregor Event Perfectly

A highly respected UK broadcaster sums up the whole Mayweather vs McGregor event perfectly in a series of tweets.

The Mayweather vs McGregor event tonight is exactly that, an event.

One that overall that should be good for both the sport of boxing and mixed martial arts too – the sheer number of eyeballs that will be fixated on both sports’ most famed fighting exponents.

But, in terms of it being an actual competitive boxing match at the highest level of the sweet science, those in the know will tell you it can’t be.

It’s not actually possible.

McGregor’s best chance is obviously to go for broke in the first round and land a big punch but after that, it’s likely going to be quite one sided.

Respected broadcaster Ian Darke has perhaps best summed this subject up with:

The accuracy of his sentiments is perhaps more worrying than anything, that even in 2017 so many minds can be shaped so easily by hype.

Testament to McGregor’s almost super human ability to sell a fight. The man sure knows how to promote.

This writer for one is hoping for an entertaining spectacle for as long as it lasts.

(Top image source and credit: Ian Dark Twitter)

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