Malignaggi Reacts To Suggestions He Should Not Be Allowed To Commentate On Mayweather vs McGregor

Paulie Malignaggi reacts to some claims from those who say he should not be allowed work the fight after a certain video came out.

Earlier this week Fight Hype released a video showing Malignaggi and Mayweather laughing together with Mayweather’s arm over the ex-McGregor sparring partner appearing to thank Malignaggi for appearing to essentially be a spy in the McGregor camp for him.

Malignaggi is assigned as a commentator for the fight’s broadcaster Showtime and some suggested he be removed from the team as he cannot now be impartial on the fight, in their view.

Malignaggi has now addressed the video and come out with another one via Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) claiming that parts of the video were just jokes:

Malignaggi has also been working for UK broadcaster Sky Sports this week in Las Vegas.

According to the above video Malignaggi was simply visiting Mayweather as a friend to pay respect to his career and says he was joking around.

Malignaggi has also said he would be open to a future boxing match with McGregor if the opportunity arises should the Irishman continue to have more professional boxing matches in the future.

It is understood however for the time being that after tonight’s fight McGregor will be returning to the UFC at least for his next bout.

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