More McGregor Malignaggi Sparring Footage Leaked Just Before Fight

Perhaps in a final bid to drive slow ticket sales more McGregor Malignaggi sparring footage has found itself onto the internet.

Mayweather vs McGregor is nearly upon us after one of the most exhausting build-ups ever to a fight social media-wise.

The amount of clips, articles, tweets and videos that have flooded the web over the past few months is definitely gone past the point of saturation now.

Despite the hype however, it is not known if the fight will actually be a sell out in the venue on the night – with apparently quite a few tickets still available to buy.

Perhaps the biggest pre-fight story ahead of Mayweather-McGregor has been the whole sparring saga between McGregor and now ex-sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi.

Now even more McGregor Malignaggi sparring footage has emerged:

Frustratingly, once again, it’s an edited down very short clip of a few brief punches landed for McGregor with the now infamous knock down blow at the end.

Why whoever chose to leak this chose not to include the full round and again just show a shortened, edited clip – is not clear.

Despite the hype going into this event it will be interesting to see what it does on pay per view and ticket sales on the night.

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