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Fascinating Chris Eubank Interview On Mayweather vs McGregor

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A really compelling Chris Eubank interview that dispels the notion that everyone in the boxing world knows nothing about McGregor or MMA.

There has been a popular school of thought going through the online media from some within those in the MMA community saying that all those within the boxing world know nothing about Conor McGregor, MMA and are totally oblivious to the two.

I for one, and many boxing fans that I know have also been fans of the UFC and MMA for well over a decade, possible closer to a decade and a half at this stage.

The above interview from Chris Eubank (hat tip MMA Fighting YouTube) where he does give McGregor some props and praise – shows that even former boxing world champions like him have kept up with MMA as well.

His almost poetic description of McGregor’s fighting ability and the Irish tradition in fighting was interesting in particular, delivered in a way that only Chris Eubank can.

Touching on his second fight being with Steve Collins Eubank referred to it as:

“Madness. He (Collins) was maniacal.”

Eubank might come in for some flack from time to time but there is no doubting the man’s incredible knowledge on the sport of boxing.

The fact he gives props to McGregor in the way he does above is proof there is plenty of old school boxers open minded about MMA fighters and those from the UFC.

Perhaps some hardcore MMA fans could do similar as pertaining to boxers and boxing.