Chris Eubank Senior Gets Caught Up In Hilarious Video Clip

Chris Eubank senior is always an entertaining character but this little TV shadow boxing clip has to be up there for one of his funniest.

Speaking on Sky Sports Chris Eubank senior was demonstrating some head movement and shadow boxing skills when it appears none other than a bumble bee got in the camera’s way.

As he was going through the routine moving his head, all of a sudden moved his head moved in a much faster manner when the bee came across the camera:


Even ex world champions it appears can get spooked in the presence of a big bee or wasp.

Boxing-wise, his son Chris Eubank Jr is now getting ready for his first fight in the upcoming World Boxing Super Series against Turkish fighter Avni Yildirim in Stuttgart.

This follows Eubank Jr’s most recent win over Arthur Abraham – a unanimous points decision scored in London earlier this summer where he defended his IBO super-middleweight world title.

The Englishman has been training in Las Vegas in recent weeks in Floyd Mayweather’s gym during the build-up to this weekend’s Mayweather vs McGregor fight.

Chris Eubank Jr currently holds a professional boxing record of 25-1-19KO.

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