Mayweather Opens Up On Why He Refuses To Watch His Own Fights

mayweather opens

Floyd Mayweather opens up on the reasons why he doesn’t actually watch tapes of his old fights back ahead of McGregor fight.

Some boxers almost religiously look back over their old fights in a bid to understand why they may have made any mistakes – or even just to watch it back to see the things they did particularly well.

It’s only human nature, surely.

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t like to do that though, as he mentioned on a recent media phone call speaking ahead of his upcoming bout with Conor McGregor in Las Vegas:

“I don’t even watch my fights. It’s hard for me to watch my fights because it could be a fight against any guy, any of my type fights that the fans and people say they loved the most. But if I looked at it I’d be like I could have done this better, I could have done that better because I’m a critic of myself and it feel like it’s never good enough.” 

He added:

“But my three oldest (kids) love going on YouTube and watching me.”

He also says he hardly ever watches tapes of his opponents and leaves game plans for his trainers in the past.

Ahead of this fight against McGregor – it is understood that his father will be in his corner, but by all accounts Mayweather has trained himself a lot for this bout with McGregor and likely will go with the flow as he likes to do as pertaining to fight night strategy.

In truth, nobody really knows what to expect fight style-wise from McGregor. It could very well take a couple of rounds for Mayweather to adjust to it.

For the full audio of the above from Floyd Mayweather check it out here on ES News YouTube (hat tip):