Local Bookmakers Come Up With Incredible Mayweather McGregor Poster

mayweather mcgregor poster

This Mayweather McGregor poster in McGregor’s hometown of Dublin in Ireland really takes things to the next level.

The above picture is some stellar work from Irish bookmaker Boyle Sports to be fair. It is currently a loft above the Karma Stone pub in in McGregor’s hometown of Dublin in Ireland.

It follows a number of other pieces of artwork ahead of the fight going up from posters in Mcgregor’s gym of him connecting a punch on Mayweather’s face – to lavish painting such as this one that cost UFC President $2500 to buy from a fan.

dana white pays

The iconic Irishman as inspired many pieces of art in recent times but this weekend’s fight with Mayweather has captured more artistic attention than ever before.

As things stand, odds are still heavy in Mayweather’s favor at 1/4 – but some late money could sway things a bit more from side to side either way.

Some massive chunks of cash have been laid down so far. One gentleman in Las Vegas for example has placed a staggering $880,000 on Mayweather to win by any method.

A lot will tell after this Friday’s weigh in when punters have had a chance to look at the condition of both men and their last face to face before they get in the ring.

(Top image source and credit: Boyle Sports)