Teddy Atlas Boxing Pound For Pound List Causes Controversy

This Teddy Atlas boxing pound for pound list is coming in for a lot of mixed reception. Teddy and controversy often go hand in hand…

Teddy is one of those love him or hate him type characters. Personally, I’m a fan. His passion and straight talking ability is something I like and is refreshing at times.

Although, sometimes he can go on a bit and certainly a tad over the top.

As he did on last night’s broadcast at times where often you get the feeling he could get his point across in about five words as opposed to the five hundred he can use.

Terence Crawford scored a sensational win last night that saw him become the first man in over ten years to unify a division and take all the belts.

Many have placed him at the top of their pound for pound list straight away as a result, but the Teddy Atlas pound for pound list has not:

That’s not really the controversial thing however. What is?

Perhaps the American nature of it being so heavily in favour of US fighters (bar number one of course).

To have Keith Thurman in at number four seems a bit high in most people’s eyes, in all fairness.

The national flag typo on Spence while comical is perhaps not as controversial as Thurman’s listing. Fighters like Sergey Kovalev and Gennady Golovkin might feel a tad let down by the above.