Mayweather Sparring Partner Warns McGregor About Certain Punches

A Floyd Mayweather sparring partner has issued a warning to his Irish opponent Conor McGregor about one punch in particular.

Body shots are something that we’ve suspected over the past few weeks that Mayweather has been working and true enough, he has.

Mayweather uncle Jeff Mayweather said over and over again in recent weeks that this fight is going to be like his nephew’s fight with Arturo Gatti many years ago.

If you go back over the fight and watch it closely, besides the one-sided nature of it, you’ll see he used a lot of painful body shots to break Gatti down.

He went to Gatti as the fight progressed, breaking him down and ultimately forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Mayweather himself has insisted that he is going to go to McGregor and not try to box him on the back foot like in many of his bouts.

All things suggest that Mayweather is going to be more aggressive in the fight and his body punches are something that one of his sparring partners has warned McGregor about in particular.

There is no denying that McGregor will not have shared a boxing ring with someone who has the precision of Mayweather.

Watch the body shots – says Mayweather’s sparring partner ahead of the fight:

(Hat tip: Fight Hype YouTube)

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