Watch: Mayweather vs McGregor All Access Episode 4

Mayweather vs McGregor All Access episode 4 ahead of the August 26th showdown at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The fourth instalment of the critically acclaimed series shows both Mayweather and McGregor in their final preparations in the run up to what is expected to be the biggest fight in history from a commercial standpoint.

McGregor’s steely determination to upset the odds and prove the naysayers wrong really comes across, referring to himself at one point as an:

“Irish Gorilla.”

McGregor will have spent approximately about six weeks in Las Vegas before the first bell goes, giving himself plenty of time to get used to the new surroundings (at least physically).

Mayweather calls Vegas his local hometown these days and to him in ‘All Access’ it just seems like another day.

Another opportunity to promote his brand and business interests but behind the scenes one would think he is surely training hard, as is his way throughout his career.

McGregor’s odds have dropped considerably since news came that the gloves used by the fighters will be eight ounces in weight as requested by the fighters.

Whether it has any bearing on the fight remains to be seen however.

Here is Mayweather vs McGregor All Access Episode 4 with just one week to go until fight night: