McGregor Reacts To 8 Ounces Gloves Decision Against Mayweather

Conor McGregor reacts to the news that he and Floyd Mayweather will be able to wear eight ounce gloves in their August 26th boxing match.

We got the reaction of the US government body the NSAC who made that ruling yesterday here.

It was met with some controversy initially but after listening to the NSAC and indeed McGregor and Mayweather’s camps’ reaction to the news, it seems like something that everyone wanted.

The bout will take place at 155lbs and will be the first time in big time boxing in Vegas where a professional fight at that weight will be contested between fighters wearing eight ounce gloves, as opposed to ten ounce gloves usually.

Some have suggested that this gives McGregor more of a puncher’s chance in the fight.

While this might be true, the same can also be said for the professional boxer of the two – Floyd Mayweather.

Lets not forget Mayweather has spent most of his career using that weight gloves by in large, too.

So fighting in gloves he’s used to in prize fights is going to benefit him in that regard as well – while McGregor is also going up from four ounce gloves in the UFC that he usually uses.

Here is Conor McGregor’s reaction to the news on the UFC media call (hat tip IFL TV YouTube):