Carl Frampton Promoter Releases Statement Regarding Cancelled Event

Carl Frampton promoter Cyclone Promotions have released a statement regarding Carl Frampton’s now cancelled event.

Originally it was thought that Carl Frampton promoter Cyclone Promotions would be able to reschedule his recent postponed fight against Andres Gutierrez.

The fight was called off the night before after Gutierrez slipped in the shower – causing significant facial damage to himself that saw him unfit to box the next day.

There has been recent reports since that tensions between Carl Frampton promoter Cyclone Promotions and Frampton himself have been high.

These tensions now look like they could be increasing after Cyclone released the following statement:

It is unclear from the above how relations with Frampton and his promoter really are though. Only those two parties know the true answer to that.

It’s also unclear when and if Frampton will box again by the end of the year.

Following missing weight even before the fight was called off last time out, speculation has also existed that he may need to move up another weight class once again – only after making the move to the featherweight (126lbs) division in 2016.

There has been a lot of debate online as to what is really going on with Frampton and his promoter – while both parties remain quiet on the subject for the time being.

This report however from BBC Northern Ireland perhaps sheds more light into the situation: