Mayweather McGregor Referee and Judges Revealed

mayweather mcgregor referee

The Mayweather McGregor referee and judges have been selected by the Nevada State Athletic Commission today.

The referee could play a significant role in the fight considering it is Conor McGregor’s professional debut as a boxer – who is trying to cross over from mixed martial arts.

He has taken many steps to familiarise himself with the Marquess of Queensberry rules which boxing are governed under.

In his sparring leading up to the fight he hired legendary referee Joe Cortez no less to supervise the spars and spot any potential infringements of the rules from the Irishman.

Whether this will help him remains to be seen.

McGregor has been vigorously warned should he try any of his MMA moves that he uses in the UFC in an illegal manner against Mayweather in their boxing contest – that he will be fined most if not all of his entire earnings from the fight (as per Floyd Mayweather).

The official Mayweather McGregor referee has now been revealed via ESPN’s Dan Rafael:

The judges have also been selected following a meeting of the NSAC this morning in Las Vegas:

The fight is now only 10 days away.