Frampton and McGuigan have been a winning partnership for many years but speculation is mounting that the duo’s working relationship is too.

BBC Sport Northern Ireland have reported this evening that the Carl Frampton and Barry McGuigan working relationship could be ‘close to ending’.

This follows a recent fight falling out at the last minute for Frampton in his native Belfast that saw the entire event cancelled and many unhappy boxing customers.

The bout was also slated to be shown live on Channel 5.

A freak accident in the most bizarre of circumstances saw Frampton’s opponent slip in the shower the night before the fight and apparently smash his teeth and face up as a result of one of the strangest accidents before a boxing match in recent history.

There were murmurings for some time behind the scenes long before that bout though that Frampton and his mentor Barry McGuigan may have been experiencing some tension in their working relationship.

If this is true like the BBC are suggesting tonight, whatever happens, the two can walk away from their working relationship having achieved a great deal.

Carl Frampton has become a two-weight world champion in recent times under the Cyclone Promotions team which is heavily ran by Barry’s McGuigan’s family – as well as Frampton currently being trained by McGuigan’s son Shane.

Frampton also has ties with powerful adviser Al Haymon in the US and a source with knowledge of the situation not too long ago told Boxing News and Views that Frampton could very well (in his view) go further under the wing of Haymon should he split fully from McGuigan.

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