Paulie Malignaggi defends and bats back responses from Twitter users on how he did in sparring with Conor McGregor.

One could be forgiven for cynically thinking Paulie is angling for a fight with McGregor after the Irishman’s August 26th bonanza with Mayweather in Vegas.

Indeed, he’s admitted it now.

Furthermore, McGregor has already said that this month’s venture into professional boxing won’t be the last time for him.

The inevitable pot of Gold that would await Malignaggi for a fight with McGregor, it’s understandable to a degree that the American is milking this McGregor sparring story for all its worth.

Some of the responses he’s been dishing out to people on Twitter have been quite hilarious in particular.

Here’s some of his best, latest Tweets on he subject:

Here’s where a lot of the bad blood is stemming from (hat tip Fight Hub YouTube):

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