Rigondeaux Posts Video Showing What He Would Do To Lomachenko

Guillermo Rigondeaux posts a clip online of his promise to one Vasyl Lomachenko should they get into the ring later this year.

The fight to many is a no-goer – as commercially it probably doesn’t generate enough money for the people involved to put it on.

But economics aside, what a fight it would be. Simple. Both men have at one time or another expressed their willingness to take the fight, too.

None more so than Cuban Guillermo Rigondeaux of course.

But it might not be that far fetched on the other side of things either. At least from Lomachenko’s perspective – who mentioned ‘Rigo’ as one of the possible names he could be taking on next recently via his Twitter account.

Speaking of Twitter accounts, Rigondeaux has been on a rampage lately on the platform and this latest video he posted is perhaps his most popular post yet – in terms of his bating of Lomachenko:

Will the Ukraine boxing phenom take the bait? Does he even need to – some might suggest?

From a purist perspective, it would be one of the best skill fights within the sport in some time. But in reality for it to happen – Rigondeaux would need to jump up in weight too.

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