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Mayweather Spies Already Know McGregor Weight Weeks Out From Fight

Floyd Mayweather likes to have spies on his opponents it turns out as he tells the media he knows the Conor McGregor weight at the moment.

It’s not uncommon in the past for fighters to have spies in the camps of their opponents, whether it be sparring partners or others that manage to sneak into an upcoming opponent fight camp on behalf of another fighter.

Indeed, Floyd Mayweather has done this in the past and is known for it.

Although speaking to world’s media in his boxing gym in Las Vegas this week he let slip for the first time just how far he goes with that side of things:

“It’s about doing your homework. It’s not really about watching fight tapes, it’s really just knowing the person you’re facing that’s across the ring. You want to know what the person likes to eat, you want to know what that person are doing when they’re not in training camp. If they’re drinking? How much they’re drinking? Who they are hanging out with? These are the things you want to know. That’s called really doing your due diligence on your opponent and your homework. Not just watching fight tapes.”

He added:

“Even like right now, I know how much Conor McGrgeor is down to. His weight. I think he was a little bit heavy. He’s at 160lbs now. He’s down.”