Malignaggi Reveals What Conor McGregor Is Really Like Behind Scenes

Ex-sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi reveals what Conor McGregor is really like to his training partners ahead of Mayweather fight.

New Yorker Paulie Malignaggi has come out swinging verbally after quitting the Conor McGregor training camp ahead of the Irishman’s boxing match on August 26th against Floyd Mayweather.

Following leaked photos appearing online showing the American in a less than complimentary light while sparring McGregor, Malignaggi had enough and pulled out of the training camp.

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He had been quite complimentary to McGregor in the beginning of the sparring but now that he is no longer associated with the training camp – he’s let loose on what he thinks of McGregor and it’s clear he doesn’t like him on a personal level.

Speaking on Sports Extra, Malignaggi spoke on what Conor McGregor is like in his opinion behind the scenes and in particular, how he didn’t treat his training partners well:

“My problem with Conor is his arrogance.”

He went on:

“My problem wasn’t just with the sparring it was with the way he treats people, with the way he treats others. He’s a bit on the cheap side. You have a hundred million dollar fight , I think you could splurge on training camp – especially the way you treat the sparring partners and living quarters and what not.”

He added:

“I asked for nothing. No special treatment. I wanted to be like the sparring partners. In good faith I wanted to go over there and stay with the sparring partners. I didn’t negotiate my price. Whatever first price they gave me I accepted that as far as payment was concerned. Which I never got paid by the way because I left. I never tried to make things difficult for them but I assumed living quarters would at least be on the moderate side”

Towards the end of the interview Malignaggi concluded:

“I’ve never seen such a cheap guy in my life. Out of all my training camps I was blown away by how he treated everybody.”