American professional boxer Tevin Farmer shot according to reports coming out of the US surrounding the southpaw lightweight.

Philadelphia native and lightweight contender Tevin Farmer (25-4-1-5KO) has reportedly been shot in the hand according to reports emerging online.

It is understood he is in a stable condition at this time however.

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A picture of how he looked over the weekend following the incident has subsequently been called into question by him promoter – in terms of it potentially violating Farmer’s rights:

It is understood that the incident happened following an altercation in Farmer’s home State of Philadelphia but it is unclear exactly what happened at this time.

Having said that – his promoter Lou DiBella did clear up a few things on Twitter with an update on the boxer for his fans:

Further good news for Farmer appears to be on the way when DiBella confirmed that he will indeed box again this year following the injury:

For those unfamiliar with Farmer’s skills – check them out here via Office Hancho YouTube (hat tip):

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