Golovkin Coach Narrates Video On What Canelo Fight Represents

Gennady Golovkin coach Abel Sanchez narrates as stellar a boxing video as you’ll come across ahead of Canelo Alvarez showdown.

It’s a fight that real boxing fans and indeed many casual sports fans are excited about.

It might not have the circus like build-up around it like the Mayweather vs McGregor ‘event’, but for anyone who remotely interested in boxing – they’ll tell you this is the action and competitive fight that they’ve craved for years.

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Two middleweight big hitters in a legit fight to fight out who’s best at the weight, who both can box and fight as well as anyone at 160lbs currently.

Their coming together in September should be a thing of sweet science poetry.

Ahead of the fight, Golovkin coach Abel Sanchez narrates this video put out by Golovkin’s YouTube channel and what the fight means – and why it is a legitimate ‘mega fight’ in boxing:

Pretty neat stuff, lads.

In terms of strategy, it will be interesting to see how both men approach round one. Will it be a little bit of a chess match early on?

Or could it turn into an out and out shootout – even right from the get go?

My heart hopes the latter.

But even if it takes a while to get going, make no mistake when it does, all hell will break loose in that ring at the T-Mobile Arena on September 16th.

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