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Perhaps The Biggest Freak Accident In The History Of Boxing

The history of boxing is littered with crazy stories but this, as far as freak accidents and injuries go, surely takes the proverbial cake.

The shocking news came overnight that scheduled Carl Frampton opponent Andres Gutierrez from Mexico, after successfully weighing in for his fight yesterday with Frampton – had slipped and fell in the shower.

The result was a horrific facial injury set that included broken teeth, nose, a deep gash into his chin and an overall concussion.

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The fight tonight with Carl Frampton subsequently is called off.

Here are some of the pictures of what happened to the unfortunate Mexican fighter via the Andres Gutierrez Facebook:

history of boxing

history of boxing

Horrific stuff.

There was no question that the fight had to be called off with those type of injuries. Thoughts go out to the boxer, Frampton and of course the fans.

It’s always the fans that lose out in unfortunate situations like this.

Yes, they might get a refund on their fight tickets – but not on their hotel rooms or in some instances where fans might have forked out for plane tickets from overseas or train tickets, and what not.

I can’t recall a bigger freak accident happening so close to a fight in the history of boxing.

One that springs to mind was David Haye getting a cut over his eye a few years back in sparring a week before a fight with Tyson Fury, causing the fight to get pulled.

But literally the night before a fight and falling in the shower must surely go down as one of the most unlucky incidents ever in boxing.