Mike Tyson Opens Up For First Time About Heartbreaking Child Abuse

Mike Tyson opens up in a shocking and heart breaking short snippet for an upcoming interview with ESPN where he discusses his childhood.

Mike Tyson has been through a lot in his life.

Rising to stardom as a young 20 year old to become heavyweight champion of the world, to losing people he loved dearly along the way, to getting robbed of millions of dollars from people he thought he could trust, to spending time in prison – to in recent times tragically losing his daughter in a freak accident.

It has been a traumatic life filled with dizzying highs that few mortals will ever experience, but also filled with some of the lowest of lows that equally few humans will perhaps every feel in their lives.

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Having had the pleasure of meeting Mike in person I can honestly say he is one of the most genuine and sincere boxers I have come across in life.

It was previously known that Mike had a very rough childhood growing up where essentially the streets of Brownsville in New York raised him until he found Cus D’Amato and boxing.

But in an upcoming explosive interview with ESPN, Mike Tyson reveals for the first time some of the horrifying child abuse he had to endure growing up: