Sylvester Stallone Has A New Rocky Movie In The Works

Did someone say new Rocky movie? Oh, yes. For fans of the iconic boxing movie series good news is on the way soon.

The brain child behind the hit movie series Sylvester Stallone has been plotting his next move behind the scenes on what’s to come next.

So far we’ve had Rocky 1 through 6 and last year had hit movie ‘Creed’ which chronicled the career of former Rocky foe Apollo Creed’s son.

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Now latest speculation suggests that 2018 could see the dawn of ‘Creed 2’. Although those reports have not been confirmed officially as pertaining to the film title just yet.

What we do now know though is that the initial screenplay script written by Sly has been complete. The legendary actor posted the following message and picture on his Instagram account:

“JUST DONE …. if you are curious , around 439 handwritten pages translates into about a 120 page typed screenplay …#writers cramp #rockybalboa#drago #adoniscreed #MGM

With the original screenplay now complete here’s hoping that the movie won’t be too far away in 2018.

For a quick stroll down memory lane while we’re at it, lets look back at why this special movie series became such a hit in the first place (hat tip Boxing Unlimited YouTube):

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