Watch: New Conor McGregor Documentary (Full) ‘Doubt Me Now’

New Conor McGregor Documentary

The new Conor McGregor documentary is out and aptly is titled by the Irishman as ‘Doubt Me Now’ ahead of his fight with Mayweather.

The new Conor McGregor documentary goes back to the Irishman’s boxing roots in the beginning. The Crumlin Boxing Club in Dublin, Ireland headed by Phil Sutcliffe.

Having met Phil before, I know he’s a no-nonsense type of guy from Dublin and when he says McGregor is still punching correctly to this date, in his view – Sutcliffe’s words carry weight as one of the most respected boxing coaches in Ireland.

But punching correctly and taking on the greatest boxer of the modern era are two completely different things of course.

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Ahead of his mega fight with Floyd Mayweather on August 26th every man and his dog have been chiming in on the event and the two men involved.

Pundits, experts, journalists and fans alike all have an opinion.

The public have been lapping up every word from both men. Whether (some) choose to admit it or not.

The critics of the fight and the event will be watching come August 26th.

No matter what they say – they’ll watch.

Doubt is at an all time high of Conor McGregor and he’s clearly using it to fuel his motivation in his training camp at the moment.

The clock it ticking for the Irishman now though.

Check out the new Conor McGregor documentary here (hat tip BT Sport YouTube) ahead of August 26th: