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Home » Watch: Malignaggi Sporting Black Eye After Conor McGregor Spar

Watch: Malignaggi Sporting Black Eye After Conor McGregor Spar

The McGregor spar appears to have been a competitive one with Paulie Malignaggi judging by this interview and the American’s face.

Since the spar with the former world boxing champion the Twitter sphere has gone into overdrive on how it might have went.

Malignaggi has been relatively coy since the spar, but has admitted that the Irishman has some ‘pop’ in his left hand.

There will obviously be more than just the left hand that McGregor is working on in preparation for such a hard nut to crack like Mayweather.

A man who has taken minimal damage over the years in the boxing ring behind a ridiculously good defence.

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Malignaggi in his first on camera interview since the spar did note the sparring was intense and the tone of the camp was very serious.

The McGregor spar with Malignaggi was noted as being:


It was 8 rounds in duration according to the American who noted it was also:

“Good work.”

Sparring is sparring but the positive words from Malignaggi might make McGregor detractors ever so slightly re-think his ability as a boxer.

Then again, it’s important to remember that Showtime are broadcasting the fight and that Malignaggi works for Showtime.

Thus from a working sense, it’s important for Paulie to talk up McGregor somewhat to keep his bosses happy.

The interesting thing however in this Malignaggi interview is that he is sporting a black eye and a bruised jaw. Make your own mind up: