Shawn Porter Goes Full WWE Mode On Danny Garcia


Shawn Porter has rewound the clock a bit with an 80’s wrestling style attire and call out of fellow welterweight rival Danny Garcia.

When I first saw this I couldn’t help but laugh.

Having met Shawn Porter in person and knowing what a humble and down to Earth guy he is, it’s clear he’s just having a bit of fun with the below.

Indeed boxing nowadays does feel a bit like WWE at times.

Particularly with the recent Mayweather-McGregor international press tour which likened to a WWE press conference tour than that of what you’d expect from a combat sport as dangerous as professional boxing.

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But that’s how the times have gone. What’s the old saying, “Don’t swim against the tide.”

The tide and trend of trash talk has only grown in recent years within the sweet science and this Porter call out is indicative of perhaps where further it could go:

Quality stuff, Shawn.

On a serious note though – what a fight it would be.

When you consider the amount of American fighting talent alone in the welterweight division at the moment it makes for some interesting food for thought.

Porter, Garcia, Keith Thurman and Errol Spence Jr at the top.

All four guys are managed by boxing power broker Al Haymon. So, logically speaking, it shouldn’t be that hard to match them all up over the coming twelves months to establish the number one 147lbs fighter in the world?

Over to you Al.