Video Depicts Cold Reality Of What’s To Come In Mayweather v McGregor

Mayweather vs McGregor talk is everywhere at the moment but if you look at the facts of the matter there is only one outcome.

In Mayweather vs McGregor we’ve seen a press tour this week on a scale never before seen in the fight business. It’s big – really big.

Glitz, glamour, celebrities and entertainment galore, it doesn’t have the feel of your typical boxing event or even UFC event for that matter.

It’s something of a hybrid. A man-made, fun, manufactured entertainment tour, devoid of organic story line in essence.

But beneath the surface of all the bull, showmanship, trash talk and the like, the reality is two men will still have to get into a professional boxing ring come August 26th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

They say in boxing that the ring is the chamber of truth and that eventually, within that squared circle, the truth will find you.

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In pursuit if this truth both men away from the cameras will invariably ready their bodies and minds for the brutal reality that lays in front of them.

Hand to hand combat.

It’s something in its purity that McGregor has never done once professionally. Floyd Mayweather not only has done so professionally, but is regarded as the best to do so of his particular era.

Full disclosure for a second.

As an Irishman and fan of underdogs in big fights – I’d love nothing more than to see McGregor pull off the upset and spark Floyd Mayweather unconscious.

Imagine what an upset it would be.

But it’s not going to happen.

This isn’t Rocky. This isn’t the movies. This is professional boxing – one of the most unforgiving businesses in the world.

Floyd Mayweather has been brought up to be a boxer ever since he was a young kid.

Progressing through the top amateur ranks to the highest of mountain peaks as a professional.

Do you honestly think he’s going to let a novice professional boxer ruin everything he’s worked for over a life time and stop him from getting to 50-0 – and in doing so destroy his unbeaten legacy?

Not a hope.

Ahead of the event on August 26th here’s what members of the boxing world believe is going to happen in Mayweather v McGregor:

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