Mayweather and McGregor Teams Involved In Altercation

The Mayweather and McGregor teams got into it on stage in New York in the third instalment of this week’s international press tour.

Following the fracas on stage, the term ‘Jersey Shore Rejects’ floated around social media and the internet in reference to Mayweather’s security team.

It appeared as though Mayweather’s security team walked towards McGregor and his team in a menacing fashion.

Pushing and shoving ensued that needed to be separated by more security.

McGregor’s team composed of actual fighters and trainers within boxing and the like, expressed their amusement afterwards at what they thought of as body builder security of Mayweather as ‘Jersey Shore Rejects’.

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As the week has been progressing so has the tension.

McGregor has been going full on in his verbal onslaught not only at Mayweather, but his team and even his television broadcaster Showtime.

The final leg of the international press tour will take place in London, England tonight at 7pm local time – which works out as 11am in the morning PT on the West coast in the US and 2pm ET on the East coast.

Here is when the Mayweather and McGregor teams got into it on stage in Brooklyn (hat tip Fight Hype YouTube):

Alas, it was just a bit of handbags in the end.

However tensions are mounting coming into the final day of the press tour and one wonders could it finally boil over tonight in London.

McGregor for his part was not impressed with Mayweather’s two lead security guards – branding them ‘two juice head turkeys’ this morning:

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