McGregor Coach Has Bold Take On How Mayweather Fight Will Go

Conor McGregor coach is backing his man big time despite all the odds seemingly up against him against Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor coach John Kavanagh is a highly respected man in the world of mixed martial arts.

He is widely considered a pioneer in his native Ireland when it comes to getting MMA off the ground in the country as a coach, and obviously coaching now one of the world’s premier athletes.

From interviews I’ve seen of him he appears to be a humble character despite his success which is always nice to see.

But like any coach, he of course passionately backs his fighters before any bout. This time however, he’ll be swimming in deep waters with sharks he is not accustomed to in the boxing world.

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A new experience for him. Forget sharks, he’s in the water with a killer whale really in boxing terms.

Floyd Mayweather who will likely be trained by his father, will all due respect to Mr. Kavanagh, both obviously have a more in-depth understanding of the sweet science having been involved in it for a far longer time.

The same goes if things were the other way around of course. They’d be swimming in scary waters if Mayweather stepped into the world of MMA and into a cage with McGregor.

Speaking to The Sun, McGregor coach John Kavanagh said of the fight on August 26th that:

“I can’t envisage another outcome other than Conor stopping him within eight rounds.”

You’d likely get decent odds on that – if you’re a betting man that is.

For those in the boxing world unfamiliar with McGregor coach John Kavanagh this YouTube video gives a good portrait: