Watch: Disgusting Boxing Riots Break Out In London – Absolute Carnage

Boxing Riots

Boxing riots have ruined what was an otherwise excellent night of boxing action tonight at the Copper Box Arena in London, UK.

Boxing riots at tonight’s boxing action in England’s capital have taken place.

It marks the first time in quite a while that such shameful scenes have unfolded in professional boxing.

While very rare, sometimes fans can take on too much alcohol and ruin an evening for the 99% of boxing fans at an event.

The twitter sphere has been going into overdrive on what is going on:

Truly incredible scenes. It appears it all kicked off following Sam McNess getting stopped inside the distance by Asinia Byfield.

What ensued was chaos but everything appears to be under control once again, thankfully.

More reaction is coming in:

Lets hope scenes like this are relegated to the past moving forward.

Events that give boxing a bad name during a time where the sport is once again doing well and flourishing across the world.