The first official Mayweather vs McGregor trailer has been released today. All aboard the hype train everybody.

August 26th is just around the corner and the fight’s broadcaster Showtime in the US have started their official build-up of the fight today.

In recent weeks many colossal, carefully crafted fan-made videos have been been doing the rounds, as have some of Conor McGregor’s own personal style social media edits.

It’s an event that has disgusted many boxing purists who love the sport but one at the same time, despite what any of them may say in public or online – one they will tune into in some shape or form come August 26th.

It’s like driving by a car crash. You just can’t help but look.

Fighting is in our primal DNA as human beings and combat has proven to be something over the generations that garners more reaction than most events in humanity.

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As UFC president Dana White once said (to the effect of) a soccer match might be going on in Australia, a basketball game might be taking place in the US, then a fight breaks out in Europe.

Everyone rushes to the fight to watch and see who’s fighting.

The idea he was getting at was that human beings can’t help but be drawn to big fights before any other sports. It brings people from all walks of life together.

Here’s the first official Mayweather vs McGregor trailer to promote what will likely be the biggest ‘event’ in sports this year: