Deontay Wilder Not Happy With Dillian Whyte Offer – Both Fighters Beef

Deontay Wilder not

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder not pleased (to put it mildly) with an offer he received to fight UK heavyweight Dillian Whyte.

The American reigning WBC title holder was recently involved in an alleged offence outside the ring that is currently seeing him scramble at the moment.

In the ring he is still on the lookout for a new opponent.

That opponent, whoever it might be, will need to be a good one in most fight fans’ eyes – whether it be another champion or someone of note in the division.

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Dillian Whyte is certainly a handful for any heavyweight in the world when he’s on.

A massive puncher with the heart of a lion, he represents a lot of risk for someone like Wilder unless there were a lot of money on the line.

Everyone’s interpretation of a lot of money is different of course, but Deontay Wilder is not happy with what Wilder’s promoter has tabled thus far.

He lashed out on Instagram by saying:

@eddiehearn bro let’s not play around here, We both know who I want from England, you told me a while back at the WBC convention that your main man was next remember? So why have you been trying to throw your cocka roaches in with me. First it was Bellew and now it’s your dirty cunt @dillianwhyte man come on. I tell you what… Make that offer of 3 million into 7 million and on OUR terms. Oh it’s going to cost you to change my plans of what we about to do up and NO it’s not on YOUR terms. How you go come with a offer of 3 million and want things on your terms too? The last time I checked I was the damn CHAMP! When I bet the horse shit out your stray doggy, (Animal Farm) I’m AGAIN not going to GAIN any credit or anything from anybody for beating his ass whatsoever; After this beat down from TTown, They will call him a Bum too let’s face it and the world knows this. Fans really just want to see me back in the ring that’s why they entertaining this bullshit. @dillianwhyte is a crush dummy at best, he’s designed to well you know!?! “Fucking Crush” Every fighter wants to fight for titles over and over again, shit some guys never see a first time and y’all want another shot with 3M + term too? Get the fuck out of here. Hey I would love to fuck him up as bad and as bloody as I will do and take that money too EZ. So sleep on them nuts and come back with an open mind and a new heart because the CHAMP don’t like this fuckery. “I SWEAR TO GOD IM GOING TO CATCH A BODY FROM ONE OF THIS CABBAGES IN THIS SPORT SOON, MARK MY WORDS”… #BombZquad #DeathRow #FixTheLeakage #IfYourRidingWithMeThenLetsRide #IfNotThenKickRocks #PutSomeRespectOnMyName #UsaVsEverybody #TheRealistChampInTheBusiness

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£3 million in UK money which equates to about $3.75 million dollars US in Deontay’s currency is not a bad pay day one would have thought.

But the terms in the contract as he refers to above are not clear and there could be a number of things in the offer going against him unbeknown to the public.

The fight itself appears to be one Wilder is interesting in though – as he’s followed up the above verbal assault with another one at Whyte by saying:

MASK OFF… MASK OFF…. Can anyone find this Cunt @dillianwhyte ???‍♂️ yo if your serious get your master @eddiehearn to follow the procedures and get the fight made. He Bought a Fresh Champion in Charles Martin IBF Belt so let’s see him come and buy mines! Please do the brits a favor and come and shut this American WBC Champion up because how I see it, it’s USA Vs Everybody!!! The Takeover has begun. Now think it’s a Game and watch me stand over your body as the Gun smoke clears #Promise #BombZquad #YouDontWantThisCountryBoyHere #UsaVsEverybody #WBC #Champ #MostPrestigiousBeltInTheWorld? #MostWell-KnownBeltInTheWorld? #MostRecognizeBeltInTheWorld? AND #MostRespectedBeltInTheWorld?#TheRealistChampInTheBusiness #Facts

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You can even see his attempt at the British slang in his curse words there. Whyte has had the following reply on his Twitter account:

Not long ago Wilder was in the UK working as a pundit and has been linked with multiple fighters in the country including current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and a certain Tony Bellew: