Anthony Joshua Shows Graham Norton Show Guests How To Punch

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Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua shows celebrities on the Graham Norton show what to do with the punching machine.

Anthony Joshua is certainly a man who packs a punch. His recent stoppage over Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley stadium testament to that.

His star and celebrity status seems to have gone to an even bigger level since the massive win. He’s appearing on major television and radio shows left, right and centre.

He has massive sponsorship endorsements both in the US and UK to boot.

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But, he appears to be reaming humble with all the success which is great to see, as reportedly he is still living above his mother’s flat in London following the Klitschko win.

This attitude looks to be endearing him to not only the British public – but boxing fans around the world.

In the ring he brings the heat every time, tries to finish fights and has now shown he has the heart and gas engine necessary to get up from being knocked down in a gruelling heavyweight title fight.

It is debatable that in fact Joshua is now already the biggest global star in world boxing.

Some in the US and Mexico might say Canelo Alvarez still is, but when you consider the fact Joshua sold out 90,000 tickets for a heavyweight title stadium fight – it’s pretty obvious who the bigger star is (from a global perspective).

This week on the Graham Norton show Anthony Joshua shows some celebrities how to throw a knockout punch: