It’s hard to believe it’s been one year already since Muhammad Ali left the world. A look back on a truly remarkable human being.

June 3rd, 2016 will forever be known as the day one of the human race’s greatest ever people left this world. Muhammad Ali aged 74 passed on – but his legacy will never be forgotten.

When mentioning the name Muhammad Ali anywhere in the world people just instantly know who he is. Boxing fan or not.

He was one of the few boxers ever that transcended the sport to areas of human culture that it rarely goes. He stood for causes that most would never have the courage to.

During the Vietnam War he refused enlistment into the United States army as he did not agree with killing people who had not harmed him.

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His anecdotes, phrases and sayings have become legendary since. Their originality and brilliance are still admired and used the world over.

Not only did he have a great way with words – his talents also seemed to extend to people.

In the ring to this day from a boxing perspective, he’s still up there as probably the fastest heavyweight of all time. The hand speed of a middleweight in a heavyweight body in many ways.

His courage and ability to move were unrivalled. A style of boxing that has never been seen since. A true one off.

As we remember Muhammad Ali on the first anniversary of his passing, here is an excellent tribute to him where he summed up what he thought life was all about:

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