Kell Brook Surgery Needed Following Errol Spence Jr Fight

Kell Brook Nailed

It has been confirmed that Kell Brook surgery will be needed following losing his IBF welterweight title to Errol Spence.

Kell Brook sustained a horrific injury in his fight against Errol Spence this past weekend that will now require surgery again on the same eye that sustained a broken eye socket last September to Gennady Golovkin.

There had been a bit of confusion with conflicting reports since the fight surrounding which eye was injured on Saturday night.

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Some had suggested that it was the opposite eye from the one that Golovkin battered into breaking point in 2016. However it now has turned out to be the same one that was initially broken it has been confirmed.

ESPN’s Nick Parkinson┬áhas also confirmed that the same eye will now require surgery again – casting potential doubt into Brook’s future in the ring.

Were the eye to go again a third time during combat, surely he would be taking serious risks to the health of his eyesight.

Only Brook and his doctor will know the answer to that question of course post-operation. Lets hope we see him back in the ring healthy before 2017 is out.

Perhaps 2018 might be a more realistic time frame though – considering he’s broken the same eye socket again.