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The Spence Brook Scorecard Puts Things Into Perspective

The Spence Brook scorecard makes for interesting viewing and puts into perspective a few things before the fight was stopped.

The Spence Brook scorecard raises a few interesting points when looking back at last weekend’s excellent fight between Errol Spence Jr and Kell Brook.

The talk of the fight since has surrounded Brook retiring from the fight due to a horrendous injury sustained to his eye socket.

That though, in itself, takes a bit away from what was a wonderful performance from Errol Spence Jr.

He showed he could come back from been put under significant pressure early on in the fight, to the point of being visibly rocked on a few occasions from a man who hits perhaps as any welterweight in world boxing today.

Ultimately, Spence’s ability to adapt down the stretch, stay patient and figure out that he needed to keep Brook at range to do the real damage, not in close proximity with his English counterpart, proved to be pivotal.

The stats following the fight put in perspective this savvy performance from Spence, now that the dust has settled:

But more interestingly though, perhaps, was the Spence Brook scorecard that also paints the above assertiveness from Spence at the time of stoppage which was:

97-92, 96-93 and 95-94 at the time of the KO in favor of Errol Spence Jr.

While some suggested that had Brook fought on through the injury to the final bell he could have had some sort of chance, as you can see above, the momentum was clearly going with Spence Jr who could have been in the process of closing the show anyway.

The right man deserved to win in the end, in what was a terrific fight to be fair.

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