Kell Brook On Why He Chose Not To Fight On Against Spence

Former champion Kell Brook on the reasons why he did not box on after the 11th round against new IBF champion Errol Spence Jr.

Kell Brook has been the centre of a lot of online debate since the weekend following taking a knee and not boxing on past round 11 of his bout with Errol Spence Jr.

Later is was revealed that he broke his eye socket in round 7. At the time, many professional boxers took to social media to criticize Brook’s decision to voice what they believed was ‘quitting’ by the UK fighter.

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Perhaps some of them will revise their opinions following the extent of Brook’s injuries that have now been reported.

Brook himself spoke to Sky Sports News on TV following the fight and said:

“The eye is broken again. The same as the GGG one. I need surgery again and I am devastated. It kept going to double vision and that’s why I went down on one knee.”

Lets face it, if he had fought on he would have risked serious long-term damage to his eyesight – which is surely worth more than any amount of money or fame.

It will be interesting to see what division he campaigns in next. I’d be surprised if he we see him box at welterweight (147lbs) again.