Kell Brook Reacts To Errol Spence Jr Defeat In Sheffield

Kell Brook reacts to Errol Spence loss in his hometown of Sheffield in what was only his 2nd loss of his pro career.

Kell Brook will understandably be feeling sore today, both physically and emotionally. He woke up today without his IBF welterweight belt which is now on the way back to the US with Errol Spence Jr.

Despite the controversy around the stoppage in the 11th round, where some fans and boxers have expressed they would have liked to have seen Brook box on – the reality is Brook showed massive heart earlier in the fight when he was on the verge of being knocked out.

Only to comeback at Spence and battle on with a horrific broken eye socket injury from round 7 right the way through to round 11 at the time of the stoppage.

Following the bout, Kell Brook reacted to Errol Spence beating him by saying:

A great sign of class from Brook, paying tribute to his rival. Always the sign of a champion that can bounce back.

After the fight Spence confirmed in the post-fight press conference that Brook congratulated him as one of the very first things he said to him once the bout ended.

It will be interesting to see if Brook chooses to stay in the welterweight division going forward. Many expect him to go up to 154lbs as he’s always had problems making welterweight.

Then again, if a big fight with rival Amir Khan is available at welterweight perhaps he will stick around at 147lbs.