A Look Back At The Final Round Where Spence Stopped Brook

Spence Stopped Brook

Spence stopped Brook in the 11th round of their IBF welterweight world title in the UK. Let’s re-watch the moment the show got closed.

There’s been a lot of talk that Kell Brook quit tonight in his last defence against Errol Spence Jr. To use the word ‘quit’ for a professional boxer in any regard seems wrong, given the massive risks professional fighters take in the first place just by stepping in the ring.

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Let alone fighters like Kell Brook who showed massive heart during tonight’s fight to come back when he looked like he was on the verge of getting knocked out, only to succumb to an old eye injury sustained against Gennady Golovkin and be stopped by the better man tonight.

Lets not take anything away from Errol Spence Jr – an excellent display of patience and adaptation as the fight progressed.

He came on strong down the stretch like all great champions do and figured out that if he kept Kell Brook at range it would be more advantageous than fighting him at close quarters.

This distance control from the southpaw stance proved too difficult for Brook, ultimately. After the fight Eddie Hearn, Brook’s promoter, mentioned his man broke his eye socket in round 7 of the contest.

When you consider that he battled on for a number of rounds after this, it’s hard to use the term quitter.

Although Tony Bellew in the commentary team in the UK tonight did voice his unhappiness in Brook giving up too soon post0fight.

The reality is though Brook was on the verge of getting stopped anyway, outside of the injury, which if he continued to box on and say for example survived the full 12 rounds, could have done serious long-term damage to his eyesight.

Lets relive the final round of the fight here where Spence stopped Brook: