Watch: Spence Jr vs Brook Fight Gets Waved Off Due To Injury

The Spence Jr vs Brook fight proved to be a thriller in the UK. Here’s what happened and when it was stopped.

The first round was a relatively tight one as both fighters looked to feel each other out. Perhaps Spence Jr just edged it who looked a little bit sharper, perhaps a bit healthier too.

However Brook settled in a bit in round 2, landing some decent lead right hands and looked like he found his distance and timing a bit more.

Spence came back a bit in the third, a bit more urgency in his work. Brook found some good counters towards the end of the round.

The fight had really warmed up in round 4 – both guys battling hard on the inside.

Kell Brook landed a beautiful counter right hand in round 5 – one of the more eye catching shots of the fight up to this point.

Spence Jr came back well towards the end of the round, forcing some pressure onto Brook although perhaps a little out of frustration from what was coming at him from Brook.

Kell Brook had a strong round 6 and backed Spence Jr up on multiple occasions. Probably Brook’s best round of the fight thus far.

Spence had a stronger round in the seventh, with Brook looking a bit ragged.

Errol Spence continued his rich patch in the fight in round 8. Brook visibly was marked up on the face and looked like a bit of the snap had gone from his punches.

Errol Spence came on incredibly strong in round 9 and looked like he was on the verge of stopping Brook from distance, with Brook not firing anything back.

Somehow Brook survived the end of the round but was close to getting stopped.

The end nearly came in the very next round as Spence Jr dropped Brook early, only for Brook to show incredible courage to try to come back and fire back after being hurt badly earlier in the round.

Incredible scenes in round 10 that saw both men stand toe to toe in the middle to the end of the round. How Brook came back I’ll never know, an extraordinary round and heart shown from both men in the tenth.

Kell Brook’s old eye injury surfaced again in round 11 and had to take a knee because of the agony and inability to see out of the eye.

Brook was forced to be stopped by the referee because of the injury, ultimately failing to beat the count. Here’s the moment the fight was waved off after Brook failed to make the count as he was unable to see out of his eye:

Congrats to Errol Spence Jr on winning the world title and living up to his nickname ‘The Truth’. Massive kudos to Kell Brook too, a remarkable warrior who once again showed balls of steel throughout the fight.

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