Kell Brook vs Spence Live Stream Video Fight Details - Boxing News and Views

Kell Brook vs Spence Live Stream Video Fight Details

Brook vs Spence Live Stream

The Kell Brook vs Spence live stream information ahead of tonight’s world title fight in Sheffield, England.

Tonight sees one of those boxing matches that has all the ingredients to be a real classic.

Kell Brook and Errol Spence Jr will contest the IBF welterweight championship of the world in a bout as 50/50 as any.

The bookmakers are starting to lean every so slightly in Spence’s favor ahead of the fight – as these numbers show, but, in truth, the fight could go either way.

Kell Brook is a proud warrior and will not relinquish his titles easily.

This fight has been mandated for some time now so both boxers will have done their homework on each other pretty well at this stage.

The fight will be shown on Showtime in the US and Sky Sports Box Office in the UK. Showtime customers will be able to stream the fight live online through their mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

In the UK the fight will also be available to stream via Sky Sports Box Office but you do not necessarily need to be a Sky customer to stream the event.

If you create a Sky ID, pay and log on to the event on whatever device you wish to watch the fight on, you will be able to watch it online.

Talk Talk users will also be able to see the fight tonight for £14.95, which is as low as a price you will find in the UK to purchase the event.