British Boxing Fans Launch Brownies At Errol Spence During Ring Walk

British boxing fans take the Kell Brook chocolate brownie concept to a whole other level with Errol Spence Jr.

British Boxing fans are known for being a passionate, full voiced and supportive bunch. Always willing to back their man whether at home or abroad.

For those familiar with British sports fans in general, including their soccer fans, they also can have a bit more of a humorous or creative side to them too.

The various songs and chants they have at different soccer matches spring to mind. Tonight though, British boxing fans took the Kell Brook ‘chocolate brownie’ concept to a more literal level.

The phrase was something Brook mentioned a lot in the run up to tonight’s fight with Errol Spence Jr. It was a term used by Brook to describe some of his big knockout blows with his right fist.

Indeed, he landed a few tasty right hands on Spence Jr in the contest but head of Showtime head of boxing Stephen Espinoza has revealed that there were the more edible kind also coming Spence’s way at one point:

Certainly some preparation needed there.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to deter the excellent Spence who stopped Brook in the 11th round in a tremendous battle overall.

Here is the final round in which he closed the show tonight.