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Home » Kell Brook Weight Suggests Spence Jr Is In For One Hell Of A Fight

Kell Brook Weight Suggests Spence Jr Is In For One Hell Of A Fight

IBF welterweight world champion Kell Brook weight is on point more than most expected after previously being up at middleweight.

One of the big questions coming into this weekend’s fight between Kell Brook and Errol Spence Jr surrounds how Brook’s body will react to going up and down in weight so much.

To understand the concern, lets take a quick look back at some boxing history for a second.

Roy Jones Jr, one of the most gifted, explosive and confident fighters there ever was in his prime, once moved all the way up to heavyweight – having once campaigned as a middleweight.

He didn’t do this straight away of course. He did so over time but, to this day, Jones is one of only two men in history to capture legitimate world titles at middleweight and heavyweight.

After he won a version of the heavyweight title against Mexican-American John Ruiz he decided to then move back down in weight to light-heavyweight.

His body crashed and was never the same – falling victim to some rather sickening knockouts in the following years after.

Boxing is littered with similar examples.

This weekend Kell Brook is coming down from middleweight (160lbs) to the welterweight limit (147lbs) against challenger and undefeated American Errol Spence Jr.

Brook is also coming off the back of his first professional career loss. However, on the Tuesday of fight week Brook has managed to get down to 148.2lbs this week it has been revealed.

That suggests he’s done the weight in a steady manner and won’t look to drop a lot of weight the day before, like many fighters tend to do.

Make no mistake Brook is up for this more than any fight perhaps in his entire career.

Time will tell how his body reacts and performs back at welterweight come Saturday night.

All signs (including the low fight week Brook weight) suggest Errol Spence Jr is in for one ferocious battle in Sheffield, UK.