Kell Brook vs Spence – ‘The Truth’ Will Set You Free

Kell Brook vs Spence is almost upon us and ahead of the fight we have gathered a collection of opinions from boxing writers.

Strap yourself in and expect fireworks when the highly regarded challenger Erroll spence jr steps though the ropes on Saturday night to face the IBF welterweight champion and local hero Kell Brook in front of a packed house in Sheffield.

This fight should come with a government health warning and mittens because fingernails will be bitten to the quick and nerves will be shredded in what is one of the most anticipated fights of the year.

We have asked a collection of  boxing writers their respective views and predictions for the fight in a bid to get a balanced view on this weekend’s bout.

Michael Wicks, boxing author, UK.

It’s a fascinating and close match up but I would have to say. Brook wins in a very close fight. Brook may prove physically too strong for the less experienced Spence.

am not ruling out a late stoppage win for Kell but I think a s/d is on the cards.

Chris Mealey, boxing author and analyst, USA.  

I believe the expectations surrounding Spence are real and justified , this will be the fight where both boxers will  bring the best out of each other.

Brook always comes to fight and is the better boxer, yet I give this to Spence UD. I think he will bring the pressure to Kell Brook and score a lot with body shots and utilize the jab most.

Overall a great matchup, can go either way.

Dmitry Sukhotsky, professional boxer and co-founder of Neds Boxing Emporium, Russia.

I believe Brook will win a very close decision in front off his home fans.

Spence has never been in the ring with someone as good as Brook. I can also see Spence winning a very close decision but in doing so he needs to bring everything in his arsenal  to take that belt from the champion at home.

Devon Ledford, boxing  analyst, USA.

I debate the issue of who is currently the rightful inheritor of the #1 spot at 147 vacated by Mayweather, and for my money the winner of this fight is that guy!

Yes, Kell is nails tough and insanely brave, but those qualities resulted in a beating for the ages in his last fight. Make no mistakes about it, Golovkin damaged him in that truncated mismatch of a fight.

Spence is fresh as a daisy and has sustained minimum damage though he has inflicted quite a bit of it.

He punches hard, sometimes a fraction too wide leaving space for a counter, but I can tell his team are working on this.

Its the surgically repaired eye that troubles me, I hope it’s a non-factor but Spence hits hard I feel. Errol Spence will win the 147 title from a tough Kell Brook in a late stoppage.

Mark Gannon, boxing author and analyst, UK.

As Brook has recovered fantastically from the shellacking he received at the hands of Gennady Golovkin and made weight more comfortably than I was expecting, I think we are in for one hell of a fight.

There is a lot of hype around Spence in the States and rumours abound of the young man giving Floyd Mayweather and Adrian Broner all they could handle in the gym.

This will be either a coming out party for Spence or his Jeff Lacey moment, I’m going for the former in a terrific fight and a points decision.

Brook took terrible damage to his left eye after his last fight requiring the eyeball to be removed from the socket under surgery – I wouldn’t be surprised to see the eye flare up again resulting in a late stoppage either.

Robert Drummer Elmore​​, boxing author and analyst, USA.

Neither fighter has faced the kind of competition that can prepare them for one another.

This is where the hard work and preparation comes together in one night. Eddie Hearn, Brook’s promoter, wanted to Brook to fight at 154lbs because Brook has been cutting major weight to make 147lbs.

I think Spence will be too much for Brook and will stop him in the 8th round.