David Haye Speaks At Oxford About Life and His Career

David Haye speaks here about everything in his life and boxing career in a wide ranging discussion at Oxford.

It’s not often you see a boxer get invited to the prestigious Oxford Union to speak.

The university has been promoting debate and rational discussion since 1823 by bringing together some of the most prominent people in their respective fields around the world.

The only person in the fight business I can remember in recent times getting an invite to speak there was Dana White of the UFC.

Former heavyweight champion of the world David Haye has attended this week to speak on everything from motivation, to career goals, his background, the current boxing landscape and more.

Haye to some has been a bit of a love him or hate him type character over the years, perhaps due to his often brash persona when selling fights and banging the drum from a promotion perspective.

After watching the below talk however as David Haye speaks about subjects not just boxing related, he really comes across in a more genuine light than ever – showing who he really is.

From a boxing perspective, he is still getting over an Achilles injury sustained in a fight with Tony Bellew last March but it’s expected he’ll fight again before 2017 is finished.

Watch here as David Haye speaks at the Oxford Union in a fairly decent overall questions and answers style discussion:

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