Exclusive: Conor McGregor Applies For Boxing License For Mayweather Showdown In Vegas

McGregor Takes

Boxing News and Views has learned some new pieces of information today on the proposed Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match that looks like it is virtually a done deal to happen in Las Vegas, Nevada.

McGregor previously was granted a boxing license last year in the State of California, but for a boxing match for McGregor against Mayweather to take place in Vegas the Irishman would need to get a professional boxing license approved in the State of Nevada.

Recently the Irish UFC star agreed to his side of the deal for the Mayweather fight after UFC president Dana White told ESPN that he had done so, pending lawyers looking over it. It now appears that both the UFC and team Mayweather are locked in negotiations to bring the deal over the line, finally.

We spoke today with the Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission Mr.Bob Bennett who informed Boxing News and Views of the following:

“Yes. Conor has submitted a boxing application to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. We are currently waiting for the supporting documents for his license.”

He added:

“Conor is intimately familiar with our licensing policies and procedures. He has ample time to submit his application according to our policies. As a regulator, several people question if this fight is approvable. In my opinion the fight is unequivocally approvable – but it must be approved by the Chairman and Commissioners.”

As our conversation continued I touched on the approvability nature of the fight with Mr.Bennett. He gave me some interesting stats on the potential fight in response:

“Floyd Mayweather is 41 years old and Conor McGregor (by the time of the fight) would be 29. McGregor is 5’9 in height. Mayweather is 5’8 in height. McGregor has a 74′ reach, Mayweather 72′. McGregor is a southpaw which traditionally is a difficult stance to deal with for orthodox fighters (like Mayweather). McGregor has an MMA record of 21-3 with 18 of those wins coming by knockout or TKO with his hands.”

He continued:

“As far as weight class goes, McGregor has fought at 145lbs, 155lbs and 170lbs in the UFC. You could argue that Conor is the taller, longer and stronger fighter.¬†Mayweather is arguably one of the smartest fighters in the business and looks to hit and not get hit – and he arguably has the best defense in the history of boxing.”