Shannon Briggs Goes Nuts At WBA Heavyweight Title Press Conference

Shannon Briggs goes nuts here at the press conference announcing his heavyweight title fight against Fres Oquendo on June 3rd.

Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Briggs is a short time away from potentially fulfilling a dream that not many thought he could pull off.

A few years back in a state of mental and physical depression, Briggs one day mentioned the phrase to himself ‘Lets Go Champ’ and began the process of getting not just his boxing life back on track – but his life period.

What ensued was a transformation in diet, mind set and going back to being himself. A happy go lucky positive type of individual who’s energy seems to be infectious to those around him.

Faced with many trials and tribulations on his boxing comeback without a promoter or TV deal behind him, Briggs turned himself into a social media beast and turned up at all the right places to call out fighters in the heavyweight division the world over.

The phrase ‘Lets Go Champ’ is an international one at this stage as a result. A catchphrase of positivity quoted many times by celebrities and well known personalities the world over.

Briggs has inspired people outside the world of boxing and come June 3rd Fres Oquendo stands in his way of becoming once again – a heavyweight champion of the world.

The WBA ‘regular’ title will be on the line and speaking at the press conference announcing the fight Shannon Briggs goes nuts here following a poignant tribute from Chris Byrd:

(Hat tip – Fight Hype YouTube)

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