Floyd Mayweather Explains Why He’s The Best Ever

Floyd Mayweather explains why he is the best boxer of all time in his opinion in the entire history of the sweet science.

Pound for pound debates in boxing are difficult at the best of times – even when trying to breakdown the modern landscape in today’s era.

Getting into all time best boxer debates when going through the entire history of a sport as rich in history and steeped in tradition as boxing is even harder.

Many place the likes of Muhammad Ali and ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson near the top of the all time best ever boxer lists – across the various publications out there.

In truth, however, it’s an incredibly difficult thing to compare fighters from different generations with one another.

Particularly when you factor in how the sport has changed and evolved over the years, from the rules in boxing themselves, to things like how fighters have gotten quicker and stronger through improved sports science and nutrition available for example.

Then you have the whole level of competition that fighters faced and indeed was available to them during their respective eras.

That in itself is another highly subjective argument, to put it lightly.

Speaking to TMZ Sports YouTube (hat tip) Floyd Mayweather explains here why for him he is the best boxer that ever lived:

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