(Video) Oscar De La Hoya: ‘Golovkin vs Canelo Will Be Biggest Fight Ever’

Oscar De La Hoya sounds the promotional trumpets big style here as he speaks on the official Golovkin vs Canelo announcement.

Oscar De La Hoya is going flat out in his promotion at the moment ahead of one of the most hotly anticipated fights of 2017 so far and why wouldn’t he?

Golovkin vs Canelo is the one that many boxing fans have been waiting for these last couple of years and since the fight was initially mooted then, both guys have been able to keep winning and thus – making the fight that much bigger.

Already in 2017 we’ve seen some great action, perhaps most notably the Joshua vs Klitschko heavyweight title fight at Wembley stadium in April.

An amazing show and build-up and ultimately, an all action fight in the ring.

It proved that when big fights live up to the hype, boxing is still one of the most magical sports on the face of the Earth when done right.

Golovkin vs Canelo for the middleweight title later this year in September could prove to be something similar – largely down to the styles of both pugilists.

Both like to trade and have a war at times, both can box when they want and it could be argued that both will be coming off less than their best performances by the time they get in the ring.

Consequently, expect the two of them to have something to prove and we could potentially see the very best of both Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez as a result.

Speaking on ESPN, promoter of the fight Oscar De La Hoya had this to say: