Max Kellerman and Stephen A.Smith Fawn Over GGG v Canelo Fight

The GGG v Canelo fight has really got folks excited and talking as the sport of boxing seems to be transitioning back into a very place.

The GGG v Canelo fight announcement last weekend came during a great time recently again for the sport of boxing following the mega Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko stadium fight in Wembley.

Momentum appears to be continuing as quality matchups continue to get made not just in the US and UK, but everywhere.

With boxing’s return to popularity many analysts are discussing what went wrong for boxing in the past, what went right in the past, what made the sport great and what the sport needs to do again to continue to thrive.

ESPN this week have been discussing some of the above, as well as touching on the various issues within the sport from politics, to matchmaking and more.

The consensus seems to be that if the fights wanted by fans get made on a consistent basis then boxing tends to do well as a result.

It’s not rocket science really but somewhere along the way undefeated records seemed to matter more than a guy been involved in great fights and facing the best competition available on a consistent basis.

Max Kellerman and Stephen A.Smith discuss as well as sing the praises of the GGG vs Canelo fight:

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